27 February 2007

Bell's Palsy, The Chronicles, Part 6

I haven't posted on my BP in a while because not much has happened. The pain is basically gone on the affected side of my face. However, I've aggravated my TMJ on the left side because I've been holding my mouth funny. I've been taking ibuprofen for it and using a heating pad when I'm at home. It helps a little.

I'm thinking about going into a physical therapy treatment called facial retraining. From what I can tell, I have flaccid paralysis, which means that the muscles seem dead instead of jerky and awkward. (Sort of like getting a whole lot of Botox injected all over one side of your face.) I feel like if I don't get some help, that I may never heal right or possibly do some major damage. I can sense the tiniest movement when I try to smile, but it is not noticeable when I look in the mirror. Besides, I'm sick of using straws and eye ointment!

Yesterday I was really down because of my BP, partly because I was extra droopy, which is uncomfortable. Also, my boob scar was really hurting for some reason (weather? hormones?) which didn't help. I talked to my mother, and she managed to cheer me up again by saying she was so proud of me and that I would get better eventually.

It is day 21 of my BP.

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