29 January 2007

S**t or get off the pot!

One of my father's favorite phrases when I was growing up was "Shit or get off the pot!" He liked to use this phrase to jolt us into motivation, to keep us from dodging life's problems.

Today, I found another use for this phrase.

We've had some unreasonably (yes, you read that right, I did not mean "unseasonably") cold weather here in my corner of Virginia. I also have a window just above the toilet in my bathroom. (Don't ask why I had to clarify the fact that my toilet is indeed in my bathroom.) These two facts basically eliminate the idea of bathroom as library. A draft from my less than adequately sealed window (in the bathroom, of course) makes potty time seriously uncomfortable.

Don't even get me started on the shower situation! It feels like I'm one of those looney polar bear divers!

Pajamas and a glass of wine

Since there's not a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods, I've become a bit of an oenephile. Which means I go through a lot of wine; in fact, I go through at least a bottle a week, just myself. When I first moved here, it was much more, but I've moderated myself since discovering that a hangover does not make for the most productive workday.

This week's pick is White Hall Vineyards (a Virginia winery) Sauvignon Franc. Don't laugh at Virginia wines! They really are spectacular, and the vineyards are very welcoming.

Anyway, my Monday evening consists of a glass of red wine, my garden gnome pajamas, and Miles the cat. Go ahead, call me a crazy cat lady, I don't care! I'm tired and menstrual!

28 January 2007

I (heart) Seattle

I just returned from a conference in the beautifully rainy city of Seattle. I'm a big city girl who is temporarily living in a (painfully) small town, so whenever I get to go to a city it's a huge treat.

Why do I love Seattle? Because after freezing my ass off in Virginia, a balmy day of 42 degrees and buildings with more than four stories was quite refreshing. And I want to go back. Let me tell you, there are some good eats in Seattle, including the most excellent seafood outside of my homestate of Florida. (Sorry, I'll always be a Floridian!)

You often hear people bitching about the rain in Seattle, but I thought it was somewhat calming. Rather than a torrential downpour, the Pacific northwest offers a light mist to a drizzle. Just enough to cleanse the air, but not enough to soak your clothes.

I really miss living in the city. In Seattle, within a few blocks of my hotel, I could find a grocery/drugstore, cafe, restaurants, public transportation, and (of course) a Starbucks. In my dinky little town, you really need a car to get anywhere unless you live downtown like me. And Wal-Mart (or, Mall Wart, as I prefer) has pretty much beaten out the specialty stores.

Big cities, please bear with my lack of inattention while I spend a couple of years focusing on my career. This is really important, and I promise to come back to you!


Sometimes when I'm going through my daily routines, the most bizarre things happen, and I feel like I just have to share these stories with the world. If I didn't laugh at my life, I'd probably be in a nut house, so I feel compelled to write it all down.

I have no agenda here, although my politics will surely come through at some point. Sit back and enjoy the show.