29 January 2007

S**t or get off the pot!

One of my father's favorite phrases when I was growing up was "Shit or get off the pot!" He liked to use this phrase to jolt us into motivation, to keep us from dodging life's problems.

Today, I found another use for this phrase.

We've had some unreasonably (yes, you read that right, I did not mean "unseasonably") cold weather here in my corner of Virginia. I also have a window just above the toilet in my bathroom. (Don't ask why I had to clarify the fact that my toilet is indeed in my bathroom.) These two facts basically eliminate the idea of bathroom as library. A draft from my less than adequately sealed window (in the bathroom, of course) makes potty time seriously uncomfortable.

Don't even get me started on the shower situation! It feels like I'm one of those looney polar bear divers!

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