28 January 2007

I (heart) Seattle

I just returned from a conference in the beautifully rainy city of Seattle. I'm a big city girl who is temporarily living in a (painfully) small town, so whenever I get to go to a city it's a huge treat.

Why do I love Seattle? Because after freezing my ass off in Virginia, a balmy day of 42 degrees and buildings with more than four stories was quite refreshing. And I want to go back. Let me tell you, there are some good eats in Seattle, including the most excellent seafood outside of my homestate of Florida. (Sorry, I'll always be a Floridian!)

You often hear people bitching about the rain in Seattle, but I thought it was somewhat calming. Rather than a torrential downpour, the Pacific northwest offers a light mist to a drizzle. Just enough to cleanse the air, but not enough to soak your clothes.

I really miss living in the city. In Seattle, within a few blocks of my hotel, I could find a grocery/drugstore, cafe, restaurants, public transportation, and (of course) a Starbucks. In my dinky little town, you really need a car to get anywhere unless you live downtown like me. And Wal-Mart (or, Mall Wart, as I prefer) has pretty much beaten out the specialty stores.

Big cities, please bear with my lack of inattention while I spend a couple of years focusing on my career. This is really important, and I promise to come back to you!

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