29 January 2007

Pajamas and a glass of wine

Since there's not a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods, I've become a bit of an oenephile. Which means I go through a lot of wine; in fact, I go through at least a bottle a week, just myself. When I first moved here, it was much more, but I've moderated myself since discovering that a hangover does not make for the most productive workday.

This week's pick is White Hall Vineyards (a Virginia winery) Sauvignon Franc. Don't laugh at Virginia wines! They really are spectacular, and the vineyards are very welcoming.

Anyway, my Monday evening consists of a glass of red wine, my garden gnome pajamas, and Miles the cat. Go ahead, call me a crazy cat lady, I don't care! I'm tired and menstrual!

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