14 February 2007

Bell's Palsy, The Chronicles, Part 3

I've decided to write a daily log of my recovery from Bell's Palsy, which started a week ago today.

I felt really good when I woke up this morning, and I even thought that I could close my eye better. My mouth seems to be working better, too, as in I don't dribble quite so badly when I drink or eat.

At work, I was doing okay. I used the eye ointment instead of drops because it makes my eye feel so much better, and it was a windy day today. However, the ointment really blurred my vision in that eye, so reading and focusing was a problem. After lunch, I started feeling worse. My facial pain is pretty bad right now, and the leaflet that came with my prednisone cautions against using OTC painkillers. Ugh. My parotid gland feels like it'll explode, and wearing a beret hurts like hell.

Not as much twitching today.

I went home from work about an hour early, appreciative of my work superiors' understanding and support. I'm going to take it easy tonight and go to bed early. I may be overdoing it, and I'm thinking about following up with my doctor tomorrow.

It is day 8 of my BP.

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