22 March 2007

Bell's Palsy, The Chronicles, Part 7

It's been awhile since I've written about the BP, because I have not made much progress. When I last wrote, it was day 21 of my BP. On Tuesday, it had been 6 weeks since my BP struck.

I'd been feeling sorry for myself, again, because I wasn't making any progress with my facial muscles. My mouth is getting every-so-slightly better, in that it moves a tiny bit when I try to smile. But my eye is still bothering me a lot.

I've been using an eye ointment because it keeps my eye lubricated much longer than regular eye drops. I decided yesterday that that may be slowing down my progress, because my eye may be getting lazy by not having the need to blink. Last night I decided to use regular eye drops. When I woke up, my eye felt fine, and it was nice not to have that blurry vision and greasy feeling around my eyelid. So today I wanted to see what would happen if I kept the ointment out of my eye.

It was a long day. I don't think my eye is closing as well as it was, and there is a constant burning sensation. Sometimes, tears suddenly well up, and I shed a tear. That's uncomfortable when talking to a student. "No, I'm not crying, I promise!"

Maybe my springtime allergies are kicking in, but my eye is really burning, which in turn makes my nose run. Gah!

I'm leaving for my cousin's wedding in my hometown on Tuesday, and I sure hope I'm doing better by then.

It is day 44 of my BP.

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